Responsible Gaming and Player Protection

We believe that wagering on the financial markets should be a fun and safe experience for all. For those players who wish to restrict their gambling however, we have a voluntary self-exclusion policy, which enables players to close their account or restrict their ability to place bets on the website. Players can choose their own period of self exclusion. If necessary players can permanently self-exclude themselves from the site.

You may self-exclude from within TIQL and set your period of self exclusion. Once a user's account has been self-excluded you will not be able to reactivate the account under any circumstances until the expiry of the period chosen. Users will be allowed to increase their period of self-exclusion but under no circumstances reduce it.

While we limit the size of wagers automatically in TIQL, a user may also set their own stake limits which we will then enforce. A maximum weekly deposit limit may also be set for a user account

How can I choose to self exclude if I want to take a break and have my access restricted?

If you wish to restrict your gambling, we operate a voluntary self exclusion policy, which allows you to close your account or restrict your ability to place bets with us for a period of time. You can choose your own period of self-exclusion. If necessary, you can permanently self-exclude yourself from betting on TIQL.

You can choose to self exclude from the Options tab in TIQL. Once you have self-excluded, you will not be able to activate your account under any circumstances until the expiry of your chosen period.

What happens to my bets if I self exclude?

Any unsettled bets will be settled on the natural termination of the trade: when they hit the target or stop loss levels or hit the end of the week. Please contact [email protected] to arrange payment of any winnings due.

What happens to the money in my account when I self exclude?

Please contact [email protected] to arrange payment of any money due from your account.

What limits can I set on my account?

You can limit the amount of money that you can deposit on a rolling weekly basis. You may also set an upper stake size which will be enforced when you make a bet in TIQL. You can decrease your limits at any time to further limit your max stake size or weekly deposit amount. You may increase your limits only after seven days have passed since you last set or amended a limit.

Safety of Funds

All player funds are ring fenced in a segregated account to ensure that player funds remain protected.

Preventing Under Age Gambling

You may only use our Software if you are 18 years of age. We may require additional proof of age from you and your ability to access and use TIQL shall be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided. If you share a computer with family members under the age of 18, we recommend setting up web filtering to prevent access.