TIQL Game Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

What is TIQL?

TIQL is how financial market trading should be! No confusing words and no nasty surprises — just lots of features designed to help you trade very simply, very safely.

Only TIQL has this list of truly unique benefits for you:

If some of that doesn't make sense, don't worry! The main thing to understand is that we simply don't have any of the hidden fees or risks all other trading platforms have. Our Uniquely Good Deal page explains a lot more and even offers a guarantee.

Who can use TIQL?

Anyone over the age of 18(1) who does not reside in a restricted county can make financial bets with TIQL. The list of restricted countries is subject to change at any time without prior notice. The restricted countries are those jurisdictions where online financial fixed-odds betting is considered to be illegal.

Note 1: Some countries have slightly higher minimum age requirements. TIQL uses the correct value for the country you live in.

What can I bet on?

TIQL allows you to place bets on the movement of various financial instruments. We currently have 11 instruments from the following types of markets:

New instruments and even new market types will be added over time.

What can I bet with?

You can currently deposit and then bet US Dollars. Other major currencies will be added over time.

You can also bet TQ Dollars, TIQL's own reward currency.

Where do the market prices come from?

We combine price feeds from one or more reputable sources to ensure that the price is fair. Prices will not always exactly match what you see at other brokers but we are committed to keeping our prices as fair and accurate as possible. We use fully automated systems (actually, very smart systems!) to set the price and always use the same price for all our players at the same point in time. In any event, our decision on price is final and binding.

A special note on index prices: like other brokers, we track a special kind of index price, called a "Future". This always moves in sync with the main index price but once a month it can be quite different from other exchanges during the "rollover" period. Once again, you can be assured that our prices are fair.

What are the trading hours?

Different markets trade at different times but are generally open from late Sunday evening GMT. All markets close, and all open trades are closed too, on Friday evenings at 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Bitcoin is the first market to reopen, at 5:30pm E.S.T. Other markets open on Sunday evening. In addition the system may not be available every Sunday between 18:00 and 20:00 UTC as we perform essential upgrade or maintenance works.

The opening times for the major markets are shown here. Note that all times are subject to change without notice.

MarketTrading hoursBreaks
All FX pairsSun 21:00 – Fri 21:00 GMT
S&P500Sun 22:00 – Fri 20:15 GMTDaily from 20:15 until 20:30 GMT
EURStoxDaily 06:00 – 20:00 GMT
JPN225Sun 23:00 – Fri 20:15 GMTDaily from 20:15 until 23:00 GMT
UKOilMon 00:00 – Fri 20:45 GMTDaily from 21:15 until 00:00 GMT
GoldSun 22:00 - Fri 20:45 GMTDaily from 21:00 until 22:00 GMT
CopperSun 22:00 - Fri 20:45 GMTDaily from 21:00 until 22:00 GMT

What limits are there on my trade size?

The maximum and minimum stake size depends on what you bet with.

CurrencyMinimum StakeMaximum Stake
US Dollars$0.01$30.00 (1)
TQ Dollars0.01 3.00

1: This will probably increase in the future

Can I lose more than my stake?

You can never lose more than your stake. We are very proud of this! It makes TIQL one of the safest ways to trade financial markets.

Can I lose more than the amount I’ve deposited in my account?

No, you can never lose more than the amount deposited in your account. We do not allow customers to take more risk than their available balance can cover.

Can I win more than my stake on the bet?

Yes, you can! We’re very proud of this too!

What’s the most I can win?

You can win up to twenty times your original stake, depending on the limits you’ve set. This may increase in the future.

What limits can I set on my account?

You can limit the amount of money that you can deposit on a rolling weekly basis. You may also set an upper stake size which will be enforced when you make a bet in TIQL. You can amend your account limits at any time in the options page of TIQL.

Are there any financing or overnight costs?

There are no financing costs to hold the bet over a number of days. For example, if you open a bet on EURUSD on a Monday, you may keep the bet open until the markets close on the Friday at no charge (notwithstanding the bet closing for any other reason).

Can I place or amend a bet when the market is closed?

A bet can only be placed, closed or amended during the designated trading times of the market. See later for more information about markets closing.

How do I place a bet?

A bet can be placed directly from a price chart by tapping or clicking on the right-hand side of the screen and setting certain values. The process is (1) tap (and slide) to set a target price (2) adjust the loss price, if desired (3) adjust the stake, if desired (4) confirm the bet.

Step 1 - Set a target price

To begin, tap the right hand side of the chart to indicate where you think the market is going to go – this is your target. You can set a target price that is higher or lower than the current price. You can slide your finger (or drag your mouse) to change the price.


Step 2 - Select what account you want to bet with

If you only have one account with a sufficiently large balance, you will simply need to click [Next ›]. Otherwise you need to choose which of your accounts you want to bet with.


Step 3 - Adjust the loss price

The next step is to indicate where you think price is not going to go. After you have clicked Next, or chosen a currency, you will be able to see a red "loss price" line on the chart. The amount you choose to bet (your stake) is spread across the distance from the current price to the loss price, so that the most you'll lose (if the market touches your loss price) is the amount you've bet. You can change the loss price and the target price at any time by sliding them up and down.

Step 4 - Adjust the stake

After you have clicked Next or chosen a currency in Step 2, you will also see a stake. You can adjust the stake size to be whatever you want – by default it chooses 20% of your available balance.

Step 5 - Confirm or cancel the bet

The positions of the target and loss prices versus the current price, along with the size of the stake, determine the fees (if any) and the odds of the bet. You can adjust any of these values and see how it changes the odds. Once you are happy with everything, hit the [Trade] button to place a bet, or hit the [X] button if you aren’t ready to place a bet yet.

What do the words at the top of the trade screen mean?

There are six values which determine the fees and payouts for your bet. If you are unsure of their meanings, they are given below.

Note that as soon as you click the TRADE NOW button, the full potential loss (Entry Fee plus Max. Loss) will be taken from your account balance. When the trade completes or is closed, the correct amount will be returned.

Can I choose any price for the target or loss price values?

Most prices! You will be prevented from setting target or loss prices very close or very far from the current price.

Is there a fixed fee (a.k.a. commission or initial cost) to place a bet?

Not for small bets. With large stakes or very large payouts, bets may charge a small upfront fee to cover the extra risk we’ll have to take on your behalf. You will always be able to clearly see how much will be charged before you choose to go ahead with the bet. You can always choose to reduce your stake if you want to avoid such fees.

Are there any other fees when trading?

Our promise is that what you see is what you get – no nasty surprises! So if you have a stake of $1 and a potential payout of $5 that’s exactly what you’ll get: up to $5. In fact when we calculate potential payouts we take a fee, but only if you make a profit, and show you the value after fees. (Note that this means that we only make money when you do!). The fee we choose to apply varies depending on a number of factors, and is explained in the section: “How are the fees or odds calculated?”. Finally, we may charge a fee if you decide to stop your trade early.

How are the fees or odds calculated?

Following on from our premise of what you see is what you get, we strongly recommend trying different values until you find a combination that suits you. You will never be charged more fixed fees than those shown, and your potential winnings are exactly as shown. However the next table should help you understand more.

Value Change Effect
Target price Closer to current price Reduces maximum payout
Target price Further from current price Increases maximum payout (to a maximum of 20 x stake)
Loss price Closer to current price Increases maximum payout (to a maximum of 20 x stake)
Loss price Further from current price Reduces maximum payout
Stake amount Smaller Reduces maximum payout, reduces maximum loss and reduces upfront fee (often to zero)
Stake amount Larger Increases maximum payout, increases maximum loss and increases upfront fee

How do I see how much I can win on a bet?

The potential winning amount for the bet is displayed on the right hand side of the chart for the market.

How do I see how much I can lose on a bet?

The potential loss amount for the bet is displayed on the right hand side of the chart for the market. The most you can possibly lose on any given bet is your stake plus the entry fee (if any).

How do I see the odds I am getting before I place the bet?

The fees, if any, the maximum possible loss, and the maximum possible pay-out are clearly displayed on the chart. Note that you should include the upfront fee in your consideration of the odds: your odds are ((maximum payout - fee) / stake) : 1. For instance if you staked $20, paid a $0.05 fee upfront and could win up to $200, your odds are 9.9975 : 1.

How are payouts calculated?

The market price is constantly changing. The simple answer is as the price moves, if it moves towards your target price you win more and if it moves towards your loss price you lose more. The initial fee is never refunded, although your possible payout will often be very much larger than the fee.

The full mathematics

For our more mathematically minded customers, payouts are linear with respect to the logarithm of price. The exact calculations are as follows. Given: a target price T; a loss price L; an initial price P; a current price C; a maximum payout Q; a maximum loss R; an emergency-exit fee X that is zero if you have reached the target price; then

if C is between P and T (so you are winning):
your payout is (Q * log(C / P) / log(T / P) - X), bounded between 0 and Q;

otherwise C is between P and L (so you are losing):
your payout is (-R * log(C / P) / log(L / P) - X), bounded between 0 and -R.

How do I win?

You win the maximum payout if you correctly predict where price was going to go and where it was not going to go, over the lifetime of the bet. This means that it hits your target price (the green line on the graph) before the time runs out and before it hits the loss price (the red line on the graph).

You can also partially win by closing the bet before it hits your target if you are in profit or if the bet is automatically closed at the end of the week when you happen to be in profit.

How do I lose?

You lose your entire stake if you have incorrectly predicted where price was going to go over the lifetime of the bet. This means that it hits your loss price (the red line on the graph) before the time runs out and before it hits the target price (the green line on the graph). You can also take a partial loss by closing the bet before it hits your stop loss or if the bet is closed at the end of the week when you have a partial loss.

How can I tell if a bet is winning or not?

The Play tab displays the payouts of any open bets next to the market the bet was opened on. You can quickly see which bets are winning or not. The payout figure shown does not include any initial fee paid to place the bet or any fee that you must pay to end the bet early. Any open bets are also displayed on the chart with a clear indication of the currently available payout, without any fees you would pay to end the bet early. If you click on the Stop button you will see the payout net of any early exit fees. The history page in the Me tab also clearly displays the open bets and the current pay-out due to each bet.

How do I see my bet history?

All of your bet history is displayed in the History section in TIQL. Your history may be accessed by logging into TIQL, selecting the Me tab from the lower menu and then selecting the history section from the top menu.

How do I see my account balance?

Your account balance is displayed in the Me tab. Both the funds available to bet and your net funds including any profit or loss from any open bets are displayed. Your balances may be viewed by logging into TIQL, selecting the Me tab from the lower menu and then selecting the Account section from the top menu.

How can I close a bet?

A bet can be closed and settled at any time by pressing the STOP button on the lower right hand side of the chart for the market. To avoid mistakes you will need to confirm your intention before the trade is closed. You will be shown the amount you will receive back of your original stake, plus any profit you’ve made on that minus any fees that we need to charge.

What are the spread charges?

TIQL doesn't charge many of the fees that other trading apps charge. This makes it a great way for you to trade, but it also means that behind the scenes we have to be a lot smarter than anyone else! In fact all other trading apps charge one or more of:

Instead most of the time TIQL charges nothing.

When you start trading we don't charge and normally when you stop a trade, we don't charge any extra fees either. However if you only recently started the trade, we do charge a “spread“ like other apps. It starts off similar to what our competitors would charge for the same trade but the best part is that our spread always reduces to zero. So if you're not in a hurry simply wait a bit longer and exit for free!

How are the spread charges calculated?

Generally the following points always hold true:

Why does my payout sometimes change when I want to stop early?

The market price is always changing, and we use the latest prices as they become available to us. This means that your expected payout will be constantly in flux too. In addition the spread might still be decreasing, causing your payout to increase during the first few minutes of a trade, even if the market itself is not moving. However as soon as you press the confirmation button, you are guaranteed to get the payout shown, unless the action is rejected (which happens very rarely).

What are rejections?

We try very hard to avoid “rejecting” your new bets, amendments or stop requests. However due to mobile network and internet delays we sometimes don’t receive your request until many seconds after you clicked the button. That’s a very long time in modern financial markets! In those situations, we reserve the right to reject the request. You will see very clearly that the request has failed and be able to try again immediately if you wish, given the updated market situation.

Can I amend my bet target and stop loss once I’ve placed the bet?

We plan to allow this in a future release but this is currently not allowed.

In the future, even once we have released the feature, amending a bet will behave just as if you had stopped the bet and started a new one immediately afterwards. It will result in you being offered new odds (as the target or loss prices will have changed, and the current price probably will have too), the open bet will be marked to market (meaning the profit or loss of the bet will be added to your account) and a new bet will be placed at the agreed stake and odds. Important note: If the bet is large this may cause you to pay a second entry fee, exactly as if you had sent a new bet.

Can I close the bet at any time?

Yes, you can close the bet at any time whether it is in profit or loss. You do not need to wait for the market to hit your target or your loss price. However, just like a typical trading account, if the market itself is closed you will not be able to close the bet and must wait until the market re-opens.

What’s my payout if the bet is closed before it hits the target or loss prices?

The simple answer is that you get a linear* payout or linear* loss, according to where the price is at the time. So if the pice is halfway* to your target, you’ll get half of the maximum payout. Or if the price is 75%* of the way to your loss price, you’ll lose 75% of the stake (net of fees). Note that if you cause the bet to close quickly, meaning that you clicked the (stop) button in the app soon after starting the trade, you may also pay an spread.

*The more complex answer is that we look at the “log linear’ distance, which really means that instead of comparing the prices directly we look at the difference in the ‘logarithm’ of the prices. It comes out to almost the same thing except when looking at very large price movements. We do it this way so that increasing price 10x, eg. from 1->10, is the same “distance” as increasing the price 10x, eg. from 10->100. This is standard practice in financial modelling.

How long does the bet last for?

All bets have a time element and the bet lasts until:

  1. “Weekly close” The end of the trading week when the US markets close. This occurs at 5pm EST every Friday.
  2. “Futures contract expiration close” which is market dependent. On markets subject to it, it is usually monthly

Where can I see my bet history?

You can see your complete bet history in the History page of the Me tab.

Where can I see my open bets?

You can see your open trades in the active section on the History page. The Play tab also displays your current open trades along with their profit and loss for each market. Open bet details are also displayed from within the charts.

What are “TQ Dollars”?

TQ Dollars, also called TQDs or represented with the currency symbol , are TIQL's reward currency. You can bet with TQ Dollars in almost exactly the same way you bet with US Dollars.

Some rules for using TQDs:

  1. You can only bet between 0.01 and 3.00 on a single bet
  2. When you have an available balance of 30.00 or more, you can convert the balance to US Dollars at the rate of 1 = $1, and then withdraw those dollars to Paypal or Skrill.

How do I earn “TQ Dollars”?

We will add various ways for you to earn TQDs in the future. You can already convert earnings from TIQL's sister app, Spark Profit, into TQDs and immediately trade with them. (See important note below).

Important note to Spark Profit users

TIQL's customers – unlike SparkProfit's – are required to pass appropriate AML and KYC checks before they can withdraw “money's worth” (such as TQDs). This means that once you have transferred SparkProfit earnings to TIQL you will not be able to take them back to SparkProfit, and you will not be able to withdraw them as US Dollars unless you can prove your identity.

How can I access TIQL?

The TIQL app is available online via smart phone devices and on desktop computers, via an Internet browser.

Which mobile devices can I place a bet from?

We support iOS devices and Android phones.

Which browsers do you support for desktop computers?

We support Chrome. Other browsers may work but are not officially supported. You can download Chrome for free from https://www.google.com/chrome/.

What happens to my bet when the commodities markets close briefly every night?

All bets remain open for the brief break every night on some of the commodity and index markets. Trades may not be closed or amended while the markets are closed.

Can markets close for any other reason? What happens then?

Unfortunately markets can and do sometimes close for reasons out of our control. For instance many stock markets have “circuit breakers” that prevent trading when the market is very volatile - usually when prices are dropping too fast. Regardless of the underlying cause, if the market is closed for any reason at all, you will not be able to close or amend existing bets, or make new bets, while the market is closed. If the market does not subsequently open again before the weekend your bet will be held. Bets in this situation are held until the market reopens for trading again and the first traded price will determine the bet’s payout. Regardless of how far the price has moved, you will never lose more than your initial stake and winning bets will never pay out more than the odds that were fixed at the time the bet was struck.

How do I open an account?

Just go to tiql.co and follow the instructions. Please make sure that you always use the latest version of the app.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is US $5.

What are Supporters?

You can find your Supporter Link and list of supporters in the application on the Social tab and on the Me tab. A Supporter is someone who joined TIQL after clicking on your special invite link.

I have a Spark Profit account. Are the Supporters the same?

Yes. It doesn't matter which application your Supporter joined, they are your supporter in all our apps.

Can I earn money by inviting people to play TIQL?

Yes! You can earn money two two ways:

  1. The first time one of your Supporters deposits
  2. AND every time one of your Supporters makes a US$ trade, no matter whether they win or lose!

The very first time a supporter makes a deposit of $5 or more, you will receive $1.

You then also earn up to 2% of the amount they win or lose each time they trade. The percentage you get goes down over time, and there is a maximum payout of $1 on each trade. If one of your supporters earns money in this way you also get 10% of that value as well!

The specific percentage you receive depends on the time since the person created their TIQL or Spark Profit account, see below:

Weeks since they joinedPercentage you receive
1st week2.0%
2nd week1.5%
3rd week1.0%
4th week0.5%
5th week onwards0.25%

Can I open multiple accounts?


How do I close my account?

Email [email protected].

Can I ever have a negative account balance or go into debt?

No. It is impossible from trading, and we do not offer credit terms. TIQL is the safest way to trade.

Apart from trading, what other fees can I incur?

There is no charge for depositing funds but there are inactivity fees and withdrawal fees.

What is the inactivity fee?

If you do not place any bets for a period of six months, each month from then we will charge the maximum of $1 (or equivalent) and 0.5% of your current balance, whichever is higher, as an inactivity fee. As soon as you place a bet again, we will reset the clock. If you have insufficient funds to cover the minimum $1 charge, we will simply take what is available.

What are the withdrawal fees?

The following table shows the fee you must pay each time you withdraw from your account. The fee depends on the amount you are withdrawing and it also applies when you close your account. If you close your account with insufficient funds to cover the minimum fee, you will not receive any funds.

Withdrawal fees for USD withdrawals

$400.01Any value$25.00

How do I withdraw my funds?

Open the app and click on the button next to the balance you wish to withdraw.

Withdrawal to credit cards is not possible at this time. When you have funds to withdraw you will first need to deposit from an e-wallet, such as PayPal or Neteller, and then withdraw to that wallet.

Important note: you must have your identity verified before you are able to withdraw. This applies to all currencies: US Dollars and TQ Dollars.

This is because, as part of our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements surrounding customer verification, we are obliged to confirm that our customers are over 18. In addition, to protect our customers from identity theft we must confirm that customers are the genuine owner of the payment method used to make their deposits.

To make this process as simple as possible for you, we utilise a number of electronic checks to confirm your age and identity. Unfortunately, these checks are not perfect and we cannot validate 100% of our customers electronically. Some countries simply don't have the data we need to do it all automatically. Therefore in some cases we may request documentation to validate your identity.

Can I always withdraw my funds?

If you have successfully deposited and can prove your identity, we will always return your money upon request (minus any withdrawal fees). Your money is yours! When not being used to trade, your funds are held in a fully segregated account.

Can I verify my identity before I withdraw?

Yes. You can start the verification process early by clicking the withdrawal button. If your identity has not previously been verified (or if your previous attempt failed) you will be given the chance to upload new documents. If your identity is verified you will be shown the choices for withdrawing funds, which you can simply cancel without actually withdrawing.

How do I see how much I deposited or withdrew?

You may view your cash transactions such as deposits and withdrawals in the Account section of the Me tab. Your transactions may be viewed by logging into TIQL, selecting the Me tab from the lower menu and then selecting the Account section from the top menu.

Why can't I deposit with Paypal?

We accept PayPal, but sometimes your deposit can be declined by the card processor or your bank! You can sometimes get around this by adding funds into Paypal and then use those funds to deposit into TIQL. This article teaches you how to add money to your Paypal account.

What happens if there is a bug, the price is wrong, etcetera?

We take your experience very seriously and work very hard to give you the best financial wagering platform on the planet. However markets are fast moving and with so many people using the service, the occasional mistake can be made. When we discover blatant or palpable errors, erroneous pricing, mistakes or other omissions, we will attempt to settle any disputed bets or incorrectly settled bets using the correct price. This could mean that we need to pay you money or also that previously awarded monies need to be taken back from you.

What happens if I breach the rules?

Of course, you won’t! But if you did, we do have the right to terminate your account, holding the funds while we review the case. We’d also block you from opening further accounts with us. After the case has been reviewed, if it resolved unfavourably for you we will give any confiscated funds to a charity of our choosing.

What can I do if I disagree with the execution or settlement of my bet or have some other dispute?

If you have any problems, please immediately contact our customer service team via email at [email protected].

How can I choose to self exclude, if I want to take a break and restrict my access?

If you wish to restrict your gambling, we operate a voluntary self exclusion policy, which allows you to close your account or restrict your ability to place bets with us for a period of time. You can choose your own period of self-exclusion. If necessary, you can permanently self-exclude yourself from betting on TIQL.

You can choose to self exclude from the Options tab in TIQL. Once you have self-excluded, you will not be able to activate your account under any circumstances until the expiry of your chosen period.

What happens to my bets if I self exclude?

Any unsettled bets will be settled on the natural termination of the trade: when they hit the target or stop loss levels or hit the end of the week. Please contact [email protected] to arrange payment of any winnings due.

What happens to the money in my account when I self exclude?

Please contact [email protected] to arrange payment of any money due from your account.