TIQL vs. Other Trading Apps

Uniquely Good Deal,

TIQL is the safest and simplest way to trade financial markets. It offers people over the world a uniquely good deal. We're so certain of this, we guarantee it!

First take a look at this comparison table to see how TIQL will make your trading life better, then have a look at the details of our guarantee.

Trading app comparison

Your Benefit TIQL Binary
Small Deposits[?]Y YFewNN
Micro Trades[?]Y FewNNN
Limited Losses[?]Y YFewYN
No entry or exit cost[?]Y YNFewN
No bid/ask spread[?]Y YNNN
Visual trading[?]Y FewNNN
Plain English[?]Y NNNN
Game of skill[?]Y NYYY
Returns of up to 20x[?]Y NYNY

Small deposits

Open a TIQL account for free and deposit as little as US$5 to start trading.

Micro trades

A micro trade allows you to wager as little as 1 US cent on your prediction, including all fees, for small or large price moves. Other apps require you to risk $100 or more for larger price movements, which is really risky for you.

Skilled traders never risk more than a few percent of their wealth on any single trade, so this unique feature is really important. $5 in TIQL can get you at least 500 trades – that's revolutionary!

Limited losses

An app offers limited losses if you cannot lose more than your investment under any possible circumstance. This is a very rare and very powerful promise!

So-called “Stop loss” orders offered by many Brokers and Spread Betting firms can actually expose you to a lot of risk as you are liable for the "gaps" - large moves which do happen every so often. This means that you can lose more than your investment, and even more than you have deposited, putting you into debt! That's terrible.

“Guaranteed Stop” orders offered by some brokers are closer to what TIQL offers, but they are often very expensive and also reduce your chances of payout in some sneaky ways.

With TIQL, what you see is always what you get.

Free trading

The vast majority of brokers and trading apps charge you some kind of fee when you enter or exit a trade. TIQL has no such charges (most of the time!).

Instead of charging you every time you trade, TIQL takes a small share of your profit. So if you didn't do well this time, we don't get our commission! Even better, you always see your net returns before you start trading, so you always know exactly what you'll get.

The only times when it's not completely free are:

No bid/ask spread

TIQL is unique among high payout trading applications because it doesn't have a bid-ask “spread” (the spread is the difference in price for buying and selling the same thing).

All financial market trades involve one buy and one sell order, so that difference in price is a direct cost to you, and it's unavoidable. Even worse, those guaranteed stops the brokers offer? Their stops have really wide spreads, making you pay more and making it even less likely to actually get paid! Yuck.

TIQL simply has one single price for buyers and sellers. That means no confusion, no hidden costs, and no odds stacked against you.

Visual trading

With TIQL, but with surprisingly few other apps, you can go from idea to trade in just two or three taps on a graph. There is no faster or easier way to get rewarded for your intuition.

Plain English

Financial markets are full of jargon. Pips, Bips, spreads, kick-ins and knock-outs, … it's all so confusing to a new joiner. Which is why you won't find it anywhere in TIQL.

A game of skill

Trading does involve chance, but it is also a skill. Studies have proven it and banks and hedge funds pay people handsomely to trade for them. Not all “trading” apps offer skilled play. TIQL's unique interface automatically gives you the largest possible returns for your specific prediction and risk appetite.

Returns of up to 20x the investment

If you have no chance to win more than you risked then it's not trading — and it's not nearly as fun! For instance, Binary Options apps alway pay out less than 1x your investment. TIQL offers returns of up to 20x your investment.

The Uniquely Good Guarantee

We have an open offer of $100 to the first person to tell us about any other app or trading platform with all of the consumer friendly features listed above.

The offer is limited to apps that had all those features, as we have defined them above, available together in a single app before TIQL was announced– April 2016.

That would be $100 for sending an email... but no-one has claimed the reward yet.