Shopping the Canadian way

Your average girl out shopping

Getting shoppers through the door and hearing the ring of the tills is the great driver of almost every domestic economy. This week Canada’s shopping habits are under the spotlight on Friday 22nd with six events at 12.30pm GMT.

The monthly Consumer Price Index is one of only a few non-seasonally adjusted figures and is taken very seriously due to its wide remit and early release. It has a direct connection to inflation. Last month it crept from negative to neutral (0.0%) and that should stay the same though a positive figure would be well received.

Core Retails Sales is far less stable having gone from 1.5% down to -0.1% and back to 0.7% in the last three months. Forecasts are anybody’s guess at this point.

Also out at the same time are Common CPI yearly change, Median CPI yearly change, Retails Sales monthly figures and Trimmed CPI yearly change. Both Median CPI and Trimmed CPI have been regaining ground, while Common CPI hasn’t changed for some time, but Retails Sales is volatile and heading towards the negative if the current curve is any indication.

Some are worried that Trudeau’s changes could lead them towards recession so traders will be poring over the data to see if the public are confident about spending.

CAD market news

One of these is a world leader.
One of these two is gathering respect as a leader on the world stage.

The main market news for CAD tops and tails the week. Wholesale sales (1.30pm GMT) look set to drop back from 1.0% to 0.5% on Monday 24th while the big news is the monthly GDP figures at 1.30pm on Friday 28th. These have seen a lot of movement over the first half of the year but forecasters suggest no movement this time around sticking at 0.2%.

The Canadian dollar is a cheeky little market that spells seriousĀ fun for Tiql players looking to spread their wings from USD and oil. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing his darnedest to put Canada on the big stage globally and with a safe stash of oil and other potential reserves, there are plenty of countries looking to do business with ‘Murka’s saintly looking northern neighbour.