New Year: $5. Cash. Free!

Want some fun to brighten the end of a dismal year and start a new one with a spring in your step? How about our best ever offer!

If one of your Supporters makes their first deposit between now and Jan 2nd, then

  • You will get 10% of the amount they deposit, as a bonus
  • They will get $5 extra, for free

That’s it! No catches, no 50x trade through or any of the tricks our competitors play. Just a simple cash bonus for you and another one for your Supporter.

We’ll also pay you up to 2% of what they trade.

TIQL. Serious Fun!


Start trading with $5

This is a happy squirrel


When we built TIQL we had to be pretty ingenious to make it the world’s most safe and simple way to trade — and even guarantee it.

One of those safety features is the very low deposit requirement. If you open a TIQL account, you can start trading with just $10.

However this week there’s so many great trading opportunities, we thought it would be a shame for anyone to miss out.

That’s why, for one week only, you can start trading with a deposit of just $5. That’s 500 × 1¢ trades, and most likely a lot more. At up to 20× returns on any trade there’s certainly a lot of fun available…

So go on, give it a TIQL!

* UPDATE: Offer extended, now ends Saturday 13th August 2016 00:00 UTC.