In The News: Daily Express

Sebastian Kettley | 14 Aug 2017

This wide ranging article quotes a tweet from our CEO, Justin Short:

BTC $4k. It may be volatile but it’s not worthless.

In The News: Bloomberg 14 Aug 2017

Justina Lee and Yuji Nakamura | 14 Aug 2017

The article discusses Bitcoin’s price breakthrough the $4,000 level. TIQL and Nous’s CEO, Justin Short, is quoted:

“People are starting to price in the consumer demand from Coinbase’s $100 million fund-raising round,” said Justin Short, London-based founder of trading platform Nous. “That’s a lot of advertising budget. Every $1 million of marketing brings new demand, which increases the price as the supply is limited by design.”

In The News: iGaming Entrepreneur

7 December 2016

TIQL was showcased at the iGaming Entrepreneur conference in London on December 7th. Some of TIQL’s world-best features were highlighted:

  • the world’s lowest risk, with trades from US 1 cent;
  • the world’s smallest spreads, of zero;
  • the world’s cheapest guaranteed stops, free;
  • the world’s lowest entry fees, of zero, with zero fees to stop a trade also qualifying after a short delay;
  • returns of up to 20x on each trade’s investment;
  • and a very low initial deposit of US $5.