CAD: GDP blue moon monthly

Carzy like cat

Canada’s GDP suffered a decline in growth from 0.4% to 0.1% at the start of March. With its second data release in a month giving it a blue moon quality, does anyone expect things to get better? Nope – well, maybe one or two pundits. But CAD may just go a little crazy. Check out the action on Thursday 29th March at 1.30pm GMT.

Canada hasn’t had the best month. Trump openly admitted to making up stats in a meeting with Trudeau while Crude Oil has given the Loonie a good ride. Talk at the moment suggests a rate hike could be on the cards next week; inflation hit a 3-year high and Trump’s new deadline for NAFTA puts both Mexico and Canada under threat of steel tariffs.

The dollar jumped half a cent as the week closed on Friday 24th and markets are likely to be choppy as local markets open on Monday 27th.