Bitcoin ❤ TIQL (Trade nearly anything with Bitcoin!)

✔ You’re holding bitcoin but you’ve got a hot tip in the financial markets and don’t want to waste time and money converting to fiat?

✔ You want to maximise your potential returns but completely protect the downside?

✔ You want to get in and out of trades for free, without even paying the spread?


TIQL has partnered with Bitcoin experts SatoshiBones to bring you the world’s first zero-fee* pure Bitcoin financial trading platform: ZeroPip.

It’s incredibly easy to get started; just go to and enter your public Bitcoin wallet address (this is where your winnings will get sent back to!). This is early access, so expect a few changes in the coming weeks.

Use your public bitcoin address to sign up to the new platform

Then it’s optional but we recommend creating a username and password so that you can easily log in again at any time.

Choose a username and password for your account

Next send some bitcoin to the unique address displayed in your dashboard. Unfortunately the bitcoin network has been slow recently so it might take a while, but once the funds are confirmed you’re ready to trade!

To access Zeropip you need to use the hidden link on the top left corner. (We know it’s not clear — the app is deliberately being kept a bit of a secret right now!)

Deposit and receive funds in minutes; then start trading the markets with your bitcoin

ZeroPip is 100% Bitcoin — bitcoin in, bitcoin out —  but it displays in “Chips”. 1 Chip is 1/100,000th of a bitcoin, or about 2 US cents right now. We think it’s just easier seeing it this way!

96 Chips is 0.00096 bitcoin, worth a bit more than $2.00 right now

Give it a go now and be one of the first in the world to discover ultra-low-cost trading with ZeroPip!

* ZERO-FEE: In Zeropip it’s free to start trading and free to exit a trade after a short time. Also our “spreads”, the extra you have to pay between the buy price and the sell price, are the smallest in the world: they are all zero. That’s why it’s called Zero Pip!


You Get Paid When They Trade

We’re so excited to share this news — we’re going to pay you when your supporters trade!

Passive Income – You Always Win

From now on, every time one of your supporters makes a trade, you’ll receive cash from us. It’s that simple: no matter whether your supporter makes loads of money or hits their free guaranteed stop, you’ll receive up to 2% of the amount they won or lost.

Not only that, but if someone you invited earns money this way, you’ll get 10% too – with no limits!

$20 Per Month

We crunched the numbers to figure out how much you can earn this way. According to our best estimates you’ll earn about $4 for each of your active traders. If you can get a popular post on a popular site like Reddit, Quora or an FX or Trading blog you can certainly earn $20+ a month at no ongoing effort.

The Rules

  1. This offer only applies to US Dollar denominated trades.
  2. The amount you receive depends on how recently the supporter joined. The first week you’ll get 2%, the second week you’ll get 1.5%, etc. But you always get something – from week five onwards you’ll earn 0.25% on each trade, not zero!
  3. We pay you for each trade as it completes, as a percentage of their net profit or loss including any fees. Of course, usually there are no fees, because it’s TIQL!
  4. We round your payment to the nearest penny so on average it’s very fair. Sometimes you’ll earn a bit more than you should, and sometimes a bit less. It is possible to earn nothing.
  5. The most you can earn on one trade is $1.


  1. Your friend joins TIQL and puts on a $2.50 trade at 20:1. They’re right! They’ll win $50 and you receive 2% of $50 = $1. AWESOME!
  2. Your friend then puts on another $1.00 trade at 20:1. They’re wrong. They’ll lose $1 but you still receive 2% of $1 = $0.02. Free money!
  3. Someone you invited earns $0.96 from their supporter. You’ll get $0.10 as well!

Final Notes / Q&A

  • You need a TIQL account to receive the money — because that’s a legal requirement! (If it was our choice, we’d pay everyone…).
  • Be careful not make any false promises to people joining TIQL! There’s really no need anyway, since TIQL is probably the world’s best way to get trading.
  • This will replace the current system of being receiving TQ$3 when your supporter deposits US$10 or more.
  • We will release an updated app on or before Sunday 16th October 10pm BST and the new rules will take effect immediately after the release.
  • The release will also update the TIQL Terms & Conditions. In case of doubt, that document will define the correct rules and this post is just for advice.
  • For people with Spark Profit supporters, the date of joining refers to the earlier of the two dates when they joined either Spark Profit or TIQL.
  • These rules apply until further notice but may have to change in the future.