AUD bank rate Tuesday

Happy with what he has

AUD is an interesting currency and this week it hits the headlines with its latest Bank Rate revelation (Tuesday 3rd 5.30am GMT). The Bank Rate has stood steady at 1.50% since it dropped by 0.25% in August 2016. While the economy has been trying to get itself back on its feet not many pundits have expected any changes.

But as things start looking better more voices are wondering when the next rise will happen. Could it be this week? Unlikely, depending on who you talk to. This means all action will be around the Rate Statement (Tuesday 3rd 5.30am) to see what the bank rate committee had to say and if change is coming on the horizon. Expect market changes for the Aussie dollar as traders analyse the comments and try to forecast where the national interest rates will go and when. It looks like they’ll be happy with things staying pretty much the same.