USD: ’twas the week before Christmas

Because Christmas

If you haven’t actually moved your entire portfolio to Bitcoin because you suspect a bubble in action, kick off your week with some safer USD action as Building Permits is released on Tuesday 19th at 1.30pm GMT. Last month’s increase to 1.32M looks set to be a blip as forecasts indicate a drop back to 1.28M ending the year up from where it started.

Analysts forecast the quarterly Final GDP on Thursday 21st at 1.30pm GMT at 3.3% up from last quarter’s 3.1%. This is almost as high as December last year when it peaked at 3.5% before dropping sharply back to 1.4% by July.

Core Durable Goods, out on Friday 22nd at 1.30pm GMT, is a great indicator of manufacturing health and is likely to be less than the 0.9% revised figure from last month at 0.5% predicted suggesting things aren’t completely rosy.

It’s a mixed bag for the US but, in the context of a tax cutting bonanza for corporations, the economy looks appealing and many pundits see a strong currency.