What is TIQL®?

TIQL® was built for user-friendly trading action. With a $5 deposit to get started and investments from just 1¢, everyone can afford to develop valuable skills. Fun charts that you simply tap to trade. Plain English to help you learn as you go. With your safety and costs in mind, we also gave TIQL® zero spreads, zero fees and free guaranteed stops – so each trade has strictly limited downside, but can still return up to 2,000%.

Invest in seconds, knowing that it's safe to put it down and come back whenever you want. TIQL® fits your life.




No Trading
or Carry Fees


Guaranteed Stops




Why TIQL®?

TIQL® delivers simple, jargon-free trading so that everyone can learn without breaking the bank. It's free to open an account and every cent you deposit goes into trading, not fees.

Your Benefit TIQL® Binary
Small Deposit FEW
Micro-Trading FEW
Limited Losses FEW
No Fees FEW
No Spreads
Visual Trading FEW
Plain English
Up to 20x returns

Small Deposit

Open a free account and deposit just US $5. That could mean over 500 trades.


Invest as little as 1 US cent in each trade. Of course, you can invest more if you want to, but trading is now affordable on any budget.

Limited Losses

A clever combination of market expertise and programming skill enables TIQL® to guarantee that you’ll never lose more than you invest into a trade. Ever.

No fees

This kind of fee is designed to protect the platform not the player, so we don’t charge it. TIQL® protects you at all times by limiting losses, while we share in your wins with a small commission that pays for everything.

No Spreads

Other trading platforms make you pay a “spread” every time you trade. In TIQL® however, the longer your trade is active the less you pay – most of our traders pay no spread at all.

Visual Trading

Intuitive, visual trading makes TIQL® easy to use and avoids unnecessary industry jargon. Our real-time charts and point-and-click trades make it easy to see what to do and plan your strategy.

Plain English

Will the markets move up or down? When will that happen? That’s the basis of trading and we don’t see any need to complicate things further. So we avoid industry buzzwords like the plague. But if you want to learn about them, we’re happy to help.


There’s a reason banks pay top traders so well! Studies have proven that trading is a skill. Learn to read and react to charts and news.

Up to 20x returns

You’re in complete control of risk & reward. The potential returns can be huge – up to twenty times your investment on each trade. Of course we support nearly every trading style, so you can go for a few big hitters, lots of small returns or anything in between.

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Start TIQL® Trading Now

  • Low deposits of US $5
  • Trade anything, from 1 cent to $100
  • No fees so every cent you put in gets traded
  • Returns of up to 20x on each trade
  • Full downside protection with free guaranteed stops